Friday, January 19, 2007

la cuarta caja candente de preguntas....

what was the most fun you ever had at a party?

This one is tough. Besides the fact that I'm not much of a partier...I still have a few parties that are vying for number one. I don't have specific reasons for why they were so fun...and I remember hardly ANY details.

  1. Labor Day - Champaign, IL - Senior Year College. All of the high school girls managed to converge on rickety 402 on one weekend. I just remember laughing and dancing, and generally having a very merry time.
  2. Random time - Geneva, IL- Junior Year High School. At a sort-of friends house (she was a spoke in our little wheel of friends, but one that I was far away from). I don't know how to explain why this was so fun - I just remember loving it. Her parents were away. It was an all night party. I remember laughing, being drunken on all levels of that house (finished basement, living level, sleeping level).
  3. 21st B-Day - Naperville, IL - Junior Year College. I remember having pockets of fun at a friends 21st birthday party - I will NEVER forget that party or that apartment...or that screen door.....
I'm sure I'm forgetting loads and loads. Looking back on's like trying to classify which occasion of hilarity was more hilarious than another. It's truly impossible.

And once again, not the best question.

Early warning - I turned my first heel today (ie: knitting a heel on a sock). I almost took a picture of my newly heeled sock...but it's still got a bit to go before it's done, and since a lot of you aren't knitters you'll look at it and think, meh, who cares. But you all better be excited for next Friday (or close to then) when I debut my newly finished sock.


  1. That puts a smile on my face that I was at all 3 of those fun parties!!! And in about 6 months you know what party you can write down at the "funnest" well at least until someone else's wedding!!

  2. i was only at 2 of those parties, but the 1st one - I always remember that with a lot of fondness too. A lot of good friends, good food, a good mix of hanging out and then going out dancing. Good Party Katie!
    Also, congrads on the turning of the heal - it seems way more complex than it turns out to be, once you do it a couple times it gets easy!