Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Observations on first days...

So, yesterday was my first day of school and I'll start there. My classes aren't going to be nearly as good as I thought. Plus, the one prof. that I thought might be cute is, but he wears a wedding ring. Now I just have to harbor a secret hope that he wears it to ward off all the frisky underclasswomen (and men). Yeah. Right.

My late class is going to be excrutiatingly long for a few reasons:
  1. The professor is not a native english speaker and speaks very slowly (although easy to understand, he is picking out his words very carefully).
  2. The room slowly climbed to about 97 degrees.
  3. He wouldn't promise us a break every class meeting(3 hrs 15 minutes of class straight through...)
  4. The kid that sat next to me not only had the nastiest ear wax mold (it was so crusty and old it looked faintly moldy) but he ate stinky cool ranch doritos when the room was at about 92 degrees...and it was like slogging through damp, hot, dorito breath for the rest of the class. Awful. I have a plan to avoid sitting next to him again.
In other firsts, today was my first day at the new job. And I got a delightful surprise (no sarcasm here) when I was told that my title is "student intern" and "data specialist." So now I have an internship on my resume! And I'm getting paid! I'm working 23 hours/week and they didn't really care that I already can't work on Thursday. Everyone seems nice and really laid back. My supervisor is fairly kick ass, I really think I'm going to like these people. Plus, to my utter delight, the database administrator is a woman! This is pretty neat considering that including me, 4 of the 40 people in my database class are women. I'll blog another time about what my actual duties include...I still am not 100% sure I know...

And I'll leave you with this juicy mental picture: you know how on TV they sometimes show people opening bags of chips and all the chips flying into the air and all over the place? And you think, that doesn't really happen...sure they spill on the floor sometimes, but they don't fly all over the place. Well...today at work, goldfish flew. Behind the computer, on the floor, all over the desk. Fairly embarrassing, but I am isolated in my little cubicle...so no one saw. Although they had to hear it: it sounded like little goldfish were raining down on my desk. It was also a neat little way to learn that I don't have a garbage can in my cube.

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