Friday, December 09, 2005

You say take this...

Ok, so I have already drawn two conclusions today and it's only 10:46am.

First, people are cheeseballs. Yes, it is true. For about a month I got caught up in quitting my job/Christmas preparation that I completely ignored my commitment to try online dating. So I went back and tried to answer a months worth of emails. I think I would have a better time of it if cheesy romance movies didn't exist. Why? Because I think the boys on this particular website think girls want to hear cheeserific lines like "my favorite thing is spending time with you ;)" or anything involving the term "someone special." I'm too cynical for these people. Sometimes its good for a laugh though....but that isn't getting me any dates any time soon...

And second, this last Harry Potter book (Half-Blood Prince) is better than I remembered it. Yes, the ending is particularly horrifyingly awful, but the all around book is a splendid read. Much better than book 5. I would classify my overall interest in the book up there with book 4, which I can read over and over and still get so involved that I forget to sleep. Anyway, the conclusion I've drawn is that Dumbledore is indeed, deceased. If you haven't read the book and that ruined it for you, I have no sympathy because it has been months. When I first read the book I ran through all of these conspiracy theories where Dumbly-dorr was somehow alive. I do not think so. And furthermore, for some reason I am still not convinced that Snape is entirely bad. Why? I don't know. Lastly, Ginny and Malfoy are both going to end up saving the shit out of Harry's life somehow in the next book.

And finally, loving HP may just make me part cheeseball. But at least I didn't put in my dating service profile that I was looking for "that special someone to grow old with." Puke.


  1. The Half Blood Prince is my least favorite book out of the series. The entire thing just rubbed me the wrong way, making me, to some extent, wishing that I had not wasted my time reading 700+ pages only to come to the end where Dumbledore dies. Though with that said, perhaps some of my disdain for the book comes from the fact that JKR killed off Dumbledore.

  2. I'm from Akron, OH, which locals sometimes refer to as "A-K-Rowdy," which sounds a bit like J.K. Rowling.

    Sorry, I've never read/seen any Harry Potter and I wanted to contribute to the conversation.