Monday, December 19, 2005

Don't you see, don't you see...

Today was arctic. I wandered far north to find this store that I've never been to, but always wanted to go. I made it there.....but it didn't open until noon. I was there far earlier than that. Waste of my time, huh?

So as you know, I'm online dating. I'm e-mailing with a few people, only one of which I think might actually be interesting. However, he's old. Disaster.

Yesterday I was told that I wouldn't be a good match for some guy (he emailed me) because I seemed like someone who couldn't date someone different than myself. When I questioned him on this he said this: The question of accepting difference remains a question though! It is not exactly difference, that's too vague. It is specific forms of difference that only a person exposed to really diverse, plural and cosmopolitan environments would be able to tolerate. At least that's what i have seen, and i'd like to think it's not because of individual idiosyncrasies. In any case, i'm not saying that you are this or that. I'm saying that's my experience, and i believe there are reasons for it. Wow. Who says that? A pompous asshole. I guess he emailed me to be friends...but why would I want to be friends with a guy that is obviously going to expostulate constantly??

I also got an email from a guy that has this in his profile: I enjoy going to church because it works for me but I dont push what I believe onto anyone. That sounds good for me...but then it says this: someone that also believes that God is soundtracking our lives. Now, why would he email me, a clearly stated atheist?? Maybe he doesn't know what it means. I am truly boggled by these men.

Christmas is what...5 days away? I still haven't finished shopping, and yet I'm not too worried about it...

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