Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I'm a big girl now...

Although it is not necessary due to the blank space that is my sex life, I got tested for every STD in the world today. Including my first HIV test. It was a little exciting. Partially because the nurse amazingly found a vein immediately (this never happens) and made the whole thing painless and partially because I'm such a responsible adult.

To Paul McCartney: did you really need to do a shameless commercial? One where they used a bunch of old footage and probably paid you a few mil? Aren't you rich enough?

And just a little advice to the stores: Yes, Christmas is good to you guys. But it isn't even Thanksgiving yet. Come on!! At least wait until the day after Thanksgiving.

As the news of my leaving has leaked (think everyone knows now) I've gotten some interesting reactions. One of the vice presidents ignored me for a day. Then the next day she told me how happy she was for me, blah-di-blah. "The bitters" congratulated me for getting out. One told me she wasn't surprised, that they had predicted it a long time ago (apparently I wasn't challenged). One has told me that now I have no excuse to pass on a drinking excursion (no, NOT dreamy computer guy..unfortunately more like, tubby dad of 3). But most have ignored the news altogether. Isn't it funny that it just shows the kind of place it is? No one talks to anyone one cares about anyone else. Not a happy place.

Oooh boy...

Was walking home in the dark today making sure no rapist was behind me (none) when I heard a rustling in some leaves. And you know, I wasn't afraid of a rapist jumping out of the bushes (which is where my sister's mind would have gone)...I was afraid of seeing a rat. I can ignore the fact that rats live in the city with me if I don't see them. If I would have seen a rat, I would have panicked. Ugh...rats, ugh.

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  1. Paul McCartney isn't that rich. Michael Jackson owns the rights to all the Beatles stuff. When it was auctioned off Michael purchased it even though he was friends with Paul.