Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Tuesday evening thoughts...

So, if you don't read my sister's blog, you may not know that one of our childhood friends has passed away. I didn't know him very well, in part because of his brain tumors, but he was a clear part of my childhood. I too remember visiting him in the hospital, remember the ups and downs. I also knew his brother fairly well, and therefore had some contact with him even after we moved from Bartlett.

I have a vague memory of my childhood as a whole. Which is why it is really odd that I remember one JD moment so clearly: JD once told me that when we grew up we would get married. I'm pretty sure I expressed doubt at this fact. He then told me that we would get married and he would buy a farm and that way I could have as many dogs as I wanted. I'm pretty sure that his sweet talking worked and I agreed this was a good plan. Moral of the story: the way to my heart....love of animals..

This whole overtime thing is killing me....I'm sorry about lack of blogs. I just am sort of vacant a lot of the time. It's tiring going to work early everyday. And the worst part is that the overtime work is all mindless scanning.

P.S. A gargle is NOT a normal noise for a stomach to make. I hate you tomatoes.
P.P.S. What if I went back to school to become a computer nerd? I think I'd be good at it. But am I an undergrad? Because I certainly can't be a grad student in computers...I know nothing. Sister, a little research maybe?

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