Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Du du du da, du du du da....

You know that song, by Shaday or something. Is it by her? Did I make that up? It's possible.

First, there is nothing good or nice about a wake. Death is truly mind-boggling. For some, probably a little scary. I'm not all that afraid of dying, but I am afraid of those I love dying. Let's not even think of that...

Tonight I remembered that I am:

a) bad at consoling people. What do you say? Sorry for your loss? He had brain tumors his whole life and recently he was in a bad way. Are they sorry? Or do they know he has peace now?

b)truly terrible with directions. I live in Chicago, a city with a jillion expressways all named after people. And I think I know what number corresponds with one of those names and that's because I always take it to the hometown. On my way home tonight a lack of a number, 355, totally threw me off my game. I was presented with two options (neither 355 which I wanted). I assumed...well my choices are "to Rockford" "to Chicago"... I want to go to Chicago. After all, I live in Chicago. My choice was wrong. I was on a road I did not know. If not for my Mom I would have ended up downtown, pissed and cussing (who says cussing??), heading towards the two or three roads I know there (namely Lake Shore Drive) and ended up home sometime. Bad at the driving directions. Let me just say that I think it is because I do not care about maps, I don't care about the roads, I don't care if I remember where that one Portillo's on Lake Street is. And because I don't care, it takes me a very long time to learn any new directions. Oh well. I'm home.

c)that I CAN get impatient with traffic. One of my best (and most annoying for others) qualities is my patience with traffic, waiters, life in general. But tonight I was cranky, I needed to be somewhere and get home. Lack of sleep and no time to relax...adds up to cranky, impatient Katie. I guess this is how other people live their lives, always cranky...always impatient. Sad really.

And with that I leave you....because I am tired from my hours of driving.

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