Wednesday, September 21, 2005

This is the sound of settling...

Ok, so I swear I have named a post that before. So be it. Two things:

Today was possibly the most stressful day at work I have ever had. I had meetings upon meetings and work coming out of my ass. After my first meeting I came out for my lunch and started to shake. It's like my body freaked out. Because I basically had an hour and a half to eat and do all the work in the entire office. I went to get myself food and tried to calm down. Then I spent more time in meetings. By the time I was meeting'd out, I had an hour left of my day to work. I just found it interesting that my body started to shake from the stress of it all.

And of course...Marshall Fields. If you:

  • a. live in Chicago and
  • b. have a blog

you are going to have to comment on the loss of the name. Just saw a headline (why read all the articles? It's the same shit over and over) that was a cry to call it Fields anyway. So instead of saying, hey I'm going to go spend money at Macys, you'll say, hey bitches I'm going to Fields. Take that suckers.

Who CARES!!!! It's a bit sad that Fields will be no more, but honestly, in the scheme of things - it's still just another department store. For more bloggermation on this, go
here and here.

Bloggermation? Bad use of the made up blog words?

1 comment:

  1. damn the man/woman!

    i still call the cell by its old namesake (comiskey).

    MF will always be MF.

    at least for a little while.