Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Hello Wednesday...

I can honestly say that I had a better day at work than I've had in a while. It was really fast-paced which meant it all kind of went in a blur. Delightful.

I did get involved in an unfortunate conversation about Louisiana at lunch. I have said before that I am not a religious person and do not believe. I have no problem with those that do (unless pushing that religion on me or insulting my opinions) but I do have a question. How can you truly believe that these people brought it on themselves? A lady at my work, in the same breath said "its so sad, so many different people down there were affected, good, bad, rich, poor" and then she proceeded to say there had to be a "reason" and the people didn't get out because they were stupid and didn't want to. UGH. First, if every kind of person was hurt by this, how can they have deserved it? Nuns were probably affected...did they deserve it? Second, how ignorant are you to think that all of these people had the choice to get out and just didn't take it? That has been shown to be false, where are you getting your facts?

On to other things...I have the cutest best new converse in the world. Sadly, they gave me some hideous blisters today. But I'm hoping a good "working in" should fix that.

Yesterday I bought band-aids at Walgreens. Got back to work and there were 5 band-aids in the box. Someone stole band-aids. And then, I managed to buy that single box that someone stole from. Bad luck.

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