Tuesday, August 30, 2005

A spinster on spinsters...

My sister and Janet have both discussed this, so this may make more sense if you go to those two links. I totally agree that saying you're attracted to "confidence" is an easy way to sound like a "good guy" without saying something as cliche as "personality." The truth is, I think men mistake a really put together girl as someone with confidence. Maybe those girls do sometimes, but most of the time those girls in the heels with the trendy purse and perfectly hi-lighted hair are trying to be someone. What I mean is, they're trying to emulate an ideal. The "perfectly put together business woman." And if you're trying to be someone else, that's not confidence. I feel like obsession with trendiness kind of points to low confidence. But I do think those girls exude a sort of fake confidence. It's just full of cracks.

Anyway, my idea here is that I do think I tend to be a confident person. Sure, I have my bad days...but all in all I think I'm pretty neat. I know who I am and there is no way I'll fall for a trend or be molded into someone else by a boy. And I think maybe this hurts me...because I know I'm not a heels and skirt kind of girl, so I wear gym shoes, carry a backpack, I slouch. I'm me. And boys see nothing special there. Confidence cannot be seen, so really, let's be honest, you're first attracted to the looks. I admit an obsession with teeth. Mmmm, teeth. First thing I notice. Then eyes, then nose...then confidence? No.

But I have to say: who's to say that in the end its not the confidence that really keeps the guy there? How can we truly say that that celebrity is being smarmy with that answer (p.s. Sister, who was said celebrity)? Isn't it totally cynical to say that?

And why is being a spinster bad? I'm coming to terms with my spinsterhood and I think that women should reclaim the title. Why does it have such negative connotations? I'm "on the shelf" but I'd rather be there than out in a bar faking confidence in a pair of heels and slutty shirt/skirt combo. If that's how you find a boy in Chicago...no thank you.

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