Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Another sick day down...

So I used another sick day today. I have 3 left now for four months, so lets hope that I don't get sick. Plus, I know I have to use 1/2 of one of those for a doctor's appointment. I guess I like to horde my sick days just in case I need them for something.

But I guess today counts as really needing them. I slept so lightly and poorly last night that I woke up in a daze. Then I was not enjoying my time in the bathroom too much, and I was just exhausted. I showered, I spent more time in the bathroom and then I decided I just couldn't go to work.

To be honest, I felt better around lunch time so I again feel totally guilty about taking the day off. Although I do feel rejuvenated. Maybe I can make it the next 4 months with only taking my Disney Vacation and that one half day.

Anyway, the rejuvenation had a little to do with my new shoes. How lucky is it that I got the shipment on the day I was home? Plus, I won $25 in a scratchoff. Here's how it works: I buy a scratchoff once every few weeks. A week or two ago I won $2. I only cashed it yesterday. I used the $2 to buy another scratchoff and forgot I had it. Remembered as I was laying on the couch bored, scratched off and boom, $25. Nice, huh?


  1. Scratch offs are fun. I won 2 free ones and $100 from the ones the In-Laws gave me for my birthday (amoung other things of course)

    Go on and buy yourself something nice with that $25! :)

  2. By the way, where did you get your new shoes? They are cute!