Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Sleeping on empty dreams...

Happy anniversary to me! 1 year at my job. Seems like it went in a blink of an eye. But maybe not a good blink. It was a blink where you're trying to get some eye gunk out. Hey, at least it's not the kind of blink where something sharp and painful is in your eye...I'm happier than that at my job! Was that a little crazy? Maybe....

So I met up with my childhood friend today (and we're talking real childhood here, like 5 years old childhood). You know how you have an idea of what something is going to be like and then it isn't like that and its not worse or better, just different? That's how it was. It's hard to imagine what people are like when you have so many tiny tidbits of knowledge. It's easy to infer, but virtually impossible to infer correctly. Anyway, it was sort of refreshing.

On another note, I think I shock myself sometimes with my desire to do such old lady activities such as sit, read, cross-stitch etc. I feel like I don't fit in anywhere in my age group. I have maybe one friend who is sort of like me, but even she has more desire to go to a bar more than once a year. I'm starting to think that maybe I'll be better off when I'm 30 and everyone else is mellow.

Only 6.5 years to go...oh shit, not even 6.5.

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