Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Lights come on...

So one of the things I love to do is view art. I don't think I view it as an artist would or a scholar, but more a fan. And sometimes it does go over my head. For example one of the things I remember from London was more of a shock video than art; it was in Tate Modern. It was a naked man just beating the shit out of himself. And not in a "sexual" way, I mean he was literally punching himself in the face. Is that art? I don't know.

Yesterday I went to MCA to see a fluorescent light exhibit. Some of it was really interesting and fun to see - but really only a little portion. I tend to judge art by how much it intrigues me and if it makes me feel something. A lot of art does tend to be sad and crazy, but every so often there is something that makes you feel happy. One of the rooms at MCA was like that. Just a happy, fluorescent place. Free on Tuesdays. Go see.

I have a new favorite show, its called Miami Ink and its all about a tattoo shop in Miami. I don't so much enjoy watching the people go through the process, but some of these tattoos...if you don't think a tattoo is art than you have a very small view of art. It's like fashion. That's art. I remember my dad always used to say that if you're going to get a tattoo you might as well get it on your forehead. I think that was his way of pounding the idea of permanence into our heads. And yes, some people do need that lesson (like the girl on tonight's show who had a huge religious tattoo that she now regrets and wants changed because she's turned atheist). I know there are a lot of ugly and tasteless tattoos out there, but there is also loads of ugly art (look around your office building tomorrow) and ugly fashion, but no one argues that it is art.

I'm bed I think...


  1. Katrink, Katrink, Katrink. Have I got a site for you!

  2. That guy is a wacky guy that florecent light guy. I remember studying him in my modern art class. Hubby doesn't get such 'art'. Let's all laugh at his simpleness.