Sunday, July 10, 2005

July fades into August...

I know its only the very beginning of July, but it is going to be August before I know it.

I ended up getting very sick yesterday. I don't know what happened, I sneezed for 8 hours straight (which rubs the nose raw) and laid on the couch in misery. I woke up today achy, tired with a headache but I don't have a single tiny dribble of snot in my nose. What the hell??

This weekend was supposed to be fun, but we ended up cancelling and now my sister can't be around until August. And I thought, damn that's so far away. But it really isn't. Every weekend in July is full now, so really, that's it, time for August.

Sorry if I'm boring, but its been an "off" weekend. Next weekend should be MUCH better. I think I'm going to go see a matinee of Willy Wonka on Friday. Does anyone out there have half a day and wants to come? It's playing at the IMAX theater at Navy Pier. That's right, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on IMAX. I'm buying my ticket on Monday night so if you want to come I HAVE to know before then. 3:45 show.

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