Tuesday, June 07, 2005


So I'm a total slacker and decided not to go to work today. I am seriously in need of this vacation coming up, I feel a little burned out. That isn't the reason I stayed home, but honestly, I think it was probably somewhere in the back of my head.

So the air conditioner didn't do nearly as well as I had expected. There is SERIOUS cold air coming out of it, but then disappearing. Plus, it was off for hours last night (while I slept) because the water bucket was full. Since it's running on high to bring the temperature down from 82, the water bucket needs to be emptied every three hours. I expect that to go down eventually, but right now its a pain. I figured it would get much cooler if I stayed home so I could empty it every three hours.

I've also come to the conclusion that my body can no longer handle real food. One of the drawbacks to dieting I suppose. I've already cleaned a bit and paid all my bills so there is very little left to do around here. Except finish Harry Potter.

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