Monday, May 02, 2005

A little slack please...

Well, it seems that my friends are angry with me for promising a blog entry that I did not write. I forgot for a few minutes that I had a houseguest coming. I got busy and forgot to blog. Sorry to disappoint.

Yes, Mandy is staying for the week. She has finals (I do not envy her) and didn't want to commute from Champaign. So my apartment has become an inn. Only for specific situations though so don't get any ideas all you bums out there. I do realize that I am a little set in my ways. I can't help it, a routine has formed...but its nice to have another person around. Ask me again at the end of the week though...I'll be ready for some alone time (nothing personal to you Mandy).

To Ellsworth: Sorry I've been postponing. I just guess I wasn't in the mood for all the mystery. I have a good idea who you might be though, so watch your back - the jig may be up.

#1: I know a lot of boys I don't want to date. But at the same time, I know very few boys. Which is why I don't have dates because all the boys I know I don't want to date. Maybe I should rephrase: almost all the boys I can think of fall into three categories: 1)dated them (so I probably don't want to go back and try again) 2)had weirdness where one of us wanted to date and the other didn't (so these boys almost all fall into don't want to date, i can think of one where there was weirdness and I still might try. But one...not good odds for you Ellsworth) 3)Boys I only kind of know who I am pretty sure aren't you, I didn't date, and there was no weirdness. So see, you fall into category 1 or 2.

#2. I am always the one saying we should get an appetizer. I like appetizers. I love food. Ask my friends. I'm always the one trying to cram us to the gills. But that is no more. I'm on a diet for real.

Questions for you: #1: Did you go to college? If not, why not? If so, was it a brilliant experience that you will forever refer to as the best years of your life?

#2: What's your favorite body part? on you...and on a girl.

And now, a little PS to you Ellsworth. My sister just told me she's getting bored with the whole thing, and I must be honest, question #2 was hard to think up. You're going to either have to fade into the mist or declare yourself soon. Very soon.

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