Wednesday, May 04, 2005

The joy and pain of the theater...

Quick blog about Wicked. It was entirely enjoyable. I loved the play from start to finish. I have to worry and warn though that the wonderfulness did revolve around the actors and the singing. So to those seeing the "Chicago cast" rather than the "traveling cast" I don't know if it will be as good.

Katy preferred the second act while I preferred the first. She said its because the wicked witch was evil in the second act. I preferred the first because it had more laughs. I guess that just shows you what Katy and I each love. She loves evil, I love laughs. Maybe that's why Boku was drawn to her and stared at her so evilly. Because evil likes evil? HA! Just kidding Kate.

An old man and his wife called me an asshole as I got in my cab after the theater. Please note that it was MY cab. I most definitely hailed it and the door was pulled up straight to me. He said I stole his cab. Clearly not mister, since you came running up from behind to get to the door. I was the one standing there. Who's the asshole? And to think, a family would get in a cab while watching a single girl in the city stand by the curb. No siree. I let him call me an asshole and ignored him completely. Asshole.

Off to bed. Keeping Mandy awake with my sum it up: Go see Wicked. Maybe the Chicago cast will be better and I'll be sad...

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  1. A good part of the traveling cast is staying on to become the Chicago cast. Unfortunately, Carol Kane is not one of those. But I'm pretty sure that the witch of the east is staying on. M.