Sunday, May 08, 2005

Don't you get me...

Happy Mom's day Moojy...hope you had a nice day golfing and eating!

Today was absolutely gorgeous, it was perfect. I came home early, unpacked and took a walk to the zoo. How nice is it to walk to the zoo?? I love it. The crowds were crazy and I honestly didn't stop and look at much. Kind of just a nice walk with exotic animals. Can't wait for more zoo babies. Right now its mainly monkeys. You know what I noticed? Not so many people go to the zoo alone. Wonder why...

My sister already mentioned my bro's prom and feeling old. She really captured the feeling, so I won't repeat it. Go read it.

I was driving home this morning listening to my "dance" music CD, because sometimes I need pop music and Britney Spears (not often. I think I enjoy it for two reasons: the beat and the fact that I sound almost as good as her with my tone deaf voice). Anyway, a song came on that I think of as my "getting busy" song. Not because I usually get action to this song (in fact, that has never happened), but because it always makes me want to get some. Does anyone else have a song like that? You hear it and you think, wow - i could use a good make out? No? Just me?

Should be a fairly short week and then I'm off to Phoenix! I can't even imagine how wonderfully warm it is there. Oh wait, I can...according to its 80 there today. And when I get there its going to be 88. Ah ha ha ha...yay!

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