Thursday, March 17, 2005 thank you...

  • St. Patricks Day: Holiday or excuse to drink?
  • There was this guy on the "L" yesterday, he was digging around in his nose and his lips looked like a beaver had chewed on them (or GROSSSS). And he reminded me of someone I used to kind of like. This guy in high school, he was really just my friend, but there was an attraction. Never sure if it was returned. We were too different. Anyway, I sort of question my desire for this guy. I mean, this guy on the L was pretty nasty, pulling out his bogies (pronounced with English accent) in public. And I was reminded of someone I used to like? Maybe I'm crazy...
  • I don't mean to be hard headed, but damn you Tim, boys do like cats. A good friend of Katy's adopted a cat for no good reason. And damn if he isn't hot and single. He probably reads this (or not) and that's a little embarrassing, but it's worth it to prove you cat hater wrong. Boo hiss to cat haters.
  • Going to see my college girls this weekend. I still think that the rest of you (all two of you) that haven't started a blog should. It's so much easier to keep in touch.
  • I don't really like basketball. But I do have a slight fascination with the whole basketball pool thing. Two years ago I actually got second place. Me, who knows nothing about basketball. I'm hoping for a repeat performance.
  • Some really cute shoes online. I find shoe shopping much eaiser online, since I know immediately if they have my size. Sometimes they don't fit, willing to take that chance. But how much is too much? $200? Too much... And wow are some of these shoes old lady-esque.
  • Righty-O. Off to maybe get some homework done.

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