Sunday, November 17, 2013

day 16: mixed bag

Cardio X.

I would categorize today as a wash. My energy level was medium, which was a nice surprise. But right in the middle of the yoga part of cardio x (which is like, a solid 15 minutes of the 40 minutes), I got a muscle cramp in my left foot and had to stop. Then start. Then stop. Then start. I can't decide if I'm doing yoga wrong, if my feet are just stupid or if maybe my shoes are bad? Besides that, all went well, I almost did the video in its entirety, with the exception of the dreya rolls and some of the tires & steam engines. My hip/upper thigh muscles cramp up super bad during the tires/steam engine, so I just march in place for a bit. Getting better every time, but still tough.

Verdict: cramped but sweaty finish.

16 down, 74 to go.

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