Tuesday, July 02, 2013

title required now?

Here's a couple of disjointed thoughts:

  • Working with an entirely multicultural team is insanely fascinating. Talking about the origin of words, food and culture is delightful.
  • Being a woman on an entirely male team (entirely) has bonuses. I'm on a fairly hot tempered team and I think at least for the short term, I'm immune to being on the receiving end because I'm a lady.
  • On the other hand, I'm a lady and I do not believe in any physical contact at work. Even completely platonic/unintentional contact. One guy likes to touch arms to make points. And that annoys me.
  • This long-ish weekend is fantastic and I can't wait. I do have to work on Friday, but I'm working remotely as the client office I'm working for is closed.
I also am going to pick up the thread of that responsive sharepoint work posting. I have all the code sitting around, I just didn't get around to posting any of it what with the whirlwind of job change. Whirlwindier than I would have expected. I actually got a tech comment on one (hey commenter, if you're still nearby, I will continue posting at some point. If you want more info/to have a tech chat quicker than my posts will come, comment with your email attached and I'll contact you).

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