Thursday, May 09, 2013

I am getting perhaps two less hours in the house every day and, on average, one less hour of sleep every night. And I feel wrecked every day at 8pm. That will get better right?

I had my first "interview" for a placement on a job today. It was...not great. For a variety of reasons. Most of them being that at most times I had no idea what the person was actually asking. Clear and concise questions rule the world. If you ever interview people, drawn out scenarios of "what if" are just...not conducive to truly figuring out what the person knows. I'll know if I'm being staffed on the job tomorrow. I hope I am, mostly so I can get the anxiety of not knowing about consulting out of my system.

Hopefully this blog will be less job ridden in the following months. I'm going to bed.

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