Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Most of my brain lately has been spent going through to-do lists and trying to figure out what life after new job looks like. In some ways, there's things I will never be able to truly plan for - as a consultant I'll be travelling to various client offices around the Chicagoland area all the time. So my commute will vary wildly. I can't find a gym close to the office because the office will change. I can't even really plan a wardrobe since every client is going to be different.

Here's my current brain:

I need to get a new phone (I believe I should go full bore into a microsoft wonderland and get a windows phone). I need to cobra my healthcare. I need to cancel my bank accounts. I want to set up a home office (as there is always a possibility I'll be working from home sometimes). I need to return the duplicate and/or unwanted wedding presents. I need to spend some of our gift certificates on stuff we really want (trash can! couch!). I kind of want to get some new pants/skirts just in case. I want to go to Florida and lounge. I really, really, really want to transition some of the knowledge to another developer (at my current soon to be former job). Really want that. Am feeling hopeless about the possibility of that happening.

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