Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I married loml. Who knew when I nicknamed him that (on his own joke) that it would end up this way. It was fun, relaxing and laid-back: perfect for us. I was only nervous for about three hours day of...I think if we'd had the massive, everyone included wedding here I would have been nervous for days. And then it would have been especially mortifying when I started to cry during my vows. And by cry I mean warble into tears into full on shaking gaspy breaths. I can't wait to see those pictures. Happy tears - so happy. And the vows were really solid for us. Said vows:

I, Katie, take you loml to be my husband, knowing in my heart that you will be my
constant friend, my faithful partner and my true love. I promise always to be openhearted
and honest with you and to stand by you and encourage you. I will hold you in my heart
and share our life and dreams together.

I'm not much of a documenter so honestly instagram has been kind of good for me. It prods me to take pictures when I normally wouldn't. It makes me realize that I always have a camera with me in my phone. I think without it, I might have zero pictures instead of the 20 I have (only 9 posted). If you'd like to see a few pics of Hawaii and one or two of us, check them out here: http://instagram.com/kateromoo

Back to real life/work tomorrow. And getting down to the business of finalizing everything for the Chicago wedding reception.

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