Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Things on my mind today:

  • How do I make it easy for normal people to insert an image using sharepoint that is also captioned and responsive?
  • Suits & Ties and Justin Timberlake
  • Career. Coding. Coding. Career. Management. Career. Frown face.
  • How can i get myself to drink more water during the day?
  • Will i have a massive pimple on my wedding day? I'm close to breaking out...it seems an unfortunate possibility...
  • Bane's voice is dumb. So is Batman's. But catwoman is hot (will she bang batman? Is Joseph Gordon Levitt Robin?). We're watching Dark Knight Rises right now, perhaps I'll have these answers before the end? 
  • Hawaii, 15 days! Screee!
  • First coding post on Thursday? I'm thinking about it...

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