Sunday, July 01, 2012

Its been a really long time since I blogged anything of substance. Umba and crafting are awesome (and I truly love them both). But I've been so busy lately that I haven't done any crafting. And the truth is, this will continue straight through to September I think. So what has taken up my weekends (most weeknights I struggle to do one constructive thing and lately that has been cleaning or yard work or cooking)?
  • I went to Boston for a conference. I really liked Boston and have officially added it to the places I could see myself living. Also on the list? Chicago.
  • Spent some time with my mom shopping for furniture and learning to decorate cakes.
  • Birthday party for a bestie.
  • Cleaning the house after we got central air installed (lots of holes drilled into the ceiling = a layer of dust everywhere). And then I decided the house needed a complete rearranging. Really we just swapped furniture between two rooms. Sounds pretty innocent and easy..except I tried to go through everything in those rooms. Goodwill benefited greatly. This has taken up a large chunk of my time over the past few weeks.
And what do I have coming up?
  • Trip to Madison.
  • Trip to Indiana.
  • First wedding dress session with the couture ladies
  • Rocky Mountain train trip!
  • Trip to Salt Lake City.
  • Trip to Wisconsin to stand up in a wedding.
That puts us into the middle of September. There are a few weekends scattered throughout with no plans. I hope to do absolutely nothing on those occasions. 

I'm a tiny bit hungover (in an, I had one and a half drinks and stayed up too late way), so I'll leave you with this tired thought:

I really love Disney World. And I also kind of love Vegas. So does this mean I love fakeness? Fakity? Fakosity?

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