Monday, November 07, 2011

The night of the party, I wrote a really fabulous blog my head. It was some kind of treatise about couples. About settling and chameleon couples, about how loml and I wonder about everyone's relationship after we observe them in the wild. But I can't remember that post and I'm fairly sure it had no point and may have been mildly insulting to a lot of people.

I do wonder if anyone else discusses the dynamics of other couples in the same way we do. How their lives and communication are confusing, how it works, how it doesn't, etc, etc. Maybe we're creeps. Over-analyzing, judgy freaks?

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  1. No I think we all do it and ask ourselves, how do THEY work!?! But somehow all couples do, and no couple is alike :) But it does make me wonder what things you say about my husband and me???