Sunday, August 01, 2010

Currently organizing my life. I've been weeding and getting ready to pack (need boxes before I can actually pack) this morning. I will tell you more about the move/process of finding a place to move sometime after Thursday. Let's hope I remember all the gory details. Anyway, two things I'm currently a bit stuck on:
  1. DVD collection. I think over the past six years here, I've probably watched only a quarter of them. With Netflix and streaming, I feel like the idea of a collection (especially one so woeful and crappy as mine) is obsolete. I kind of want to be ruthless and get rid of the majority...there's really no reason I'd regret this, right?
  2. Old schoolwork. Only grad work, which is relevant to my current occupation. I graduated 2 years ago though. I have, in fact, referenced it on a few occasions. Sometimes it has been helpful to others in the program. But it takes up almost a whole shelf in my fairly wide bookcase. Do I continue to lug it around? Weed it and only lug most of it? Or just trash it all?
Back to it.

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