Thursday, April 01, 2010

On Saturday night, awake at 3am due to my stomach, I wandered downstairs to the sound of snoring. I live in a duplex, so my bedroom is upstairs. The lower level of my apartment does not share a single wall with a bedroom. And therefore, the faint snoring I was hearing on the stairs was odd. On the way to get a glass of water in the kitchen, walking past my apartment entrance, the snoring got louder. As in - the snoring was coming from just on the other side of my apartment door.

In this moment, I made a sleepy logical leap to: well, loml may be on the other side of that door. I mean, clearly it makes sense that he couldn't get in to my apartment and so fell asleep on the wrong side of the door (yeah. logical. head scratch). And so, I opened the door. To find some male, of the frat boy variety, passed out in front of my door.

I'm pretty sure I ran into that boy coming home from work today. He was coming down the stairs, which are right next to my door. He stopped when he saw me putting my key in the door. Stood there and stared at me, got awkward and said something like, 'hi, how are you') and turned around and went back up. Someone was embarrassed. HA.

This building used to be really quiet. Five years later, I have a drunk dude passed out at the foot of my door (and, suspiciously, the glass in one of the outer entrances has what I would call a head sized smash in it, glass cracked). Am I becoming a curmudgeon or does my building just suddenly have a lot of douches?

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