Wednesday, February 10, 2010

So I promised a post about roles - though I'm not having the best of luck today with creating things, whether that be work related or valentine related I'm courting failure. Sadly, that even includes my workout where I felt like I might die or fall over from weakness. But I shall quickly summarize:

You all (and I am very tempted to place you all in quotations) tended to lean toward your role as a very specific child of another role. For example, you can't be a sister without having a sibling. Makes complete sense and since I didn't qualify the question, was not at all unexpected.

I was thinking of roles in a larger sense, as in, what role do I play to everyone I know, not just specific groups. And I think rather than relationship definition (friend, daughter, girlfriend) I was thinking more personal adjective. Yes, I am all of those things: a friend, a daughter, a girlfriend, but what kind of role do I play IN those roles? Too meta for you?

The answer I came up with is, I am the listener.

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