Friday, October 09, 2009

The line, the line!

I've had some amazing conversations about the line:
  1. There is no line! I want to know!
  2. I don't know where the line is, but I really hope you cross it. (giggle)
  3. Where is loml's line? That's your line.
  4. Eh, I'm not sure if you saying too much will bother me.
It's also especially hilarious to me because two of those conversations (numbers 1 and 5) were either preceded or closely followed by my being chastised for writing too cryptically. That no one is ever sure what I'm actually saying. Which, is totally hilarious, at least in five's case - because if you want me to be less cryptic, then I might have to be inappropriate.

My conversation with loml went something like this:

loml: what was so funny last night?

me: i pinched a nerve and didn't say anything so that we could finish.

l: you still can't feel two of your fingers??

m: i can, i woke up and the feeling was back. but, i lost it for hours.

l: HA. I personally thought the abortion role-playing was hilarious.

m: I liked menstrual heaven.

Yes, yes we did abortion role play in bed. And menstrual heaven is heaven where all of the eggs from all of your periods are there to greet you when you die.


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