Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Today's appointment that ended weirdly...

Dentist: You're entertaining. I hope you get 100 cavities and are here all the time.
Me: Please no.
Dentist: Yes. 100 cavities. (pulls ponytail. touches shoulder)
Me: (giggles. kicks him in the shin)

Obviously none of those actions happened (but the conversation is word for word...and there was a shoulder touch). But if I had a ponytail, he would have pulled it. And I felt like giggling and fake punching him or something. Ah, school girl crush...makes the day (and the tooth work) that much brighter.

We also chatted about the amazing tongue attachment I have. And how he had his cut (just typed cute...freudian slip) while he was in dental school. And, don't I hate being tongue tied?

Whenever I talk about the tongue thing with my mom, this is the conversation we have:
Mom: I thought your sister was the one that was tongue tied.
Me: Nope. Definitely me.
Mom: No, it was your sister. As a kid. Definitely your sister.
Me: Mom! Look at my tongue. It was me. How can you even argue it?
Mom: No. Your tongue is clearly stunted, but it was her.
Me: !

But I digress. I do hate being tongue tied. While it has provided me with extra control over my tongue muscles thus giving me a "stupid human trick", it is also maddening.

So now I decide whether or not to contact a periodontist and go through this whole painful thing, just so my tongue is more useful. Plus, it costs a lot of money. Maybe my "economic stimulus" money....

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