Monday, March 17, 2008

Here's my first random list...

  • I hate St. Patrick's Day for a variety of reasons (useless?). But this afternoon, when walking home, I stepped in a pile of vomit. And thus my hatred has reached its peak.
  • I had a moment of panic while taking my final tonight where I didn't know what to do for a 20 point question (out of 100 points total). And occurred to me that it was my own fault since I didn't even watch the last two lectures (out of 11). But I did find an example in my notes (the panic happened when I "remembered" that I hadn't printed any StAX code, only SAX. But I didn't remember correctly). So I wrote down a page worth of bullshit.
  • Do you think it's true that no one has normal, healthy relationships?
  • Do you think you're happy?
  • I have a few more list ideas, some of which are probably bad ideas. So if you have any list suggestions or lists you'd like to see, do share.
  • Watching Six Feet Under for days/weeks has made me quite morbid. Who will come to my funeral? How will I die?
  • This list is terrible. I'll try harder tomorrow.
  • To end this list, I'm going to talk about bathing suits. I wear my bathing suit about once a year...and yet bathing suits are somehow a weakness of mine. I tend to want to purchase new ones. And this year I'm intrigued with the retro look. The best one I've found (ie, I could probably pull that off nicely) is:

    But, it's so freaking expensive. And really kind of low up top. And I hate that you can't try it on before you buy it. And really, do I need a new bathing suit?

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