Wednesday, January 02, 2008

I have mad skillz yo...

It just occurred to me that in about half a year I'll get to change that blurb about my blog. Because then I will just be a twenty-something crazy cat lady who is no longer in school. Cannot wait.

I've spent the last 5 days solid with a ton of people I love madly. And it's funny, because in 2007, it suddenly seems like we actually had time to spend together (which is rare). And because of the level of fun we have, I end up with some "friend hangover" in the form of:
  • sadness that the time is over (and sadness that it likely will not be as much time in '08)
  • hilarity and a solid case of the giggles whenever I "reflect" on our time or look at the pictures that result from these outings. And by whenever I look, I mean at least once an hour. If there is one thing facebook has done for me (besides impress my family and friends with my mad scrabble skills. If one is so lame as to type mad skills...I feel it should probably be done with a z...mad skillz) it has allowed me to look at my pictures all day from any computer with internet access (blah, blah, blah, flickr, blah, blah. Not as fun).
  • it may sound weird, but some sense of solidity. Peacefulness. I can't really explain that one. But spending time with people who know me and still love me...and even laugh at me...makes me feel like me.
  • And in the end, it makes me feel happy to be here, on my couch alone. Weird, maybe. But spending time with people often makes me need an equal amount of opposite time (perfectly alone, and right now...just sitting in silence. Besides occasional cat trills).
Happy New Year all...this one started out deliciously. I hope it proceeds as such...

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