Thursday, December 06, 2007

You have got to be kidding...

It is with shock and amazement that I write this post. Not whining. It is just...incredible.

Last night I ate dinner away from home (no kitchen). We specifically ordered in enough food that I would have leftovers that I could put in the microwave (in my living room) and eat tonight. If for some reason there was an issue (like..oh, I don't know...I forgot to borrow a microwave safe plate? Which I did, in fact, forget), my back up plan was to eat some salad out of a pot. I had access to pots, silverware and my microwave.

But right now? I have access to none of the above. Just my fridge. My kitchen is back together. The pots, microwave, drawers - all back in/on the cabinets. And it looks like right after they put it back together? They varnished the floors again.

I honestly cannot make this stuff up. I have food, but nothing to heat it on, no microwave to heat it and no utensils to eat it with.

If I was a less lazy person I'd go get food. But I think I may just step on that floor.


  1. Oh crap! We forgot a plate! Sorry!

  2. In 2005 our kitchen went through a total remodel. Due to the remodel we had to take every single item out of our kitchen to where we placed those items in our living room thus making one half of our apartment uninhabitable. For a little over two weeks Hubby and I basically lived on take-out, fast food, and eating out. When we were at home eating you would most likely find us in our master bed room eating take-out/fast food off of over turned laundry baskets as make shift tables. It was a completely miserable experience and I suppose I can commiserate a bit with you and your current kitchen situation.

  3. At least it's almost over! Isn't it great how landlords neglect to tell you when something like that might happen? I once came home after a weekend away to find a bunch of dirt on my bathroom floor. I couldn't figure out how it got there, but didn't really think much of it. Then, I noticed that my towels, which were stacked on an open shelf in the corner (in front of some sort of pipe that ran from the floor to the ceiling) were wet. I called the landlord. "Oh yes. The woman above you overflow her tub. But we clean up." Me: "Ok. When will it be cleaned up?" Her: "No, we clean up. Yesterday."