Tuesday, December 25, 2007

And done...

So the holidays are over (or do "the holidays" extend through new years day?). Either way, Eve and Day are over...and now it's time to be totally lazy.

My holidays were lovely. Laid back, hilarious (my extended family in general - here's a direct quote: "he looks like someone has been pinching his penis for two years". That from someone who is a grandma. Also, my family + Rock Band = insanity) and I am always reminded of how amazing and lovable most of my family is. Yes, most. And this holiday, I also was lucky enough to be reminded of how great my friends are (although this weekend and New Years will truly cement that). I hope yours were just as successful.

My day in brief:
  • Presents
  • Delicious food
  • Rock Band
  • Games
  • Car packing
  • Dead wolf
  • Man on the moon
  • City skyline
  • Car unpacking
  • home
Maybe if you're lucky, you all will benefit from a picture, posted here later, of myself on the Rock Band drum kit. Likely with look of concentration, frustration or mouth hanging open staring at the screen.

Happy holidays...

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