Saturday, October 06, 2007

Jumble of thoughts...

Ok...looks like while I have classes I am only capable of bullet point posts...
  • Yesterday while walking to work I saw a girl walking what I can only hope was the walk of shame. She was wearing a vest. And a beaded bra. And some pants and shoes. It was the vest with the bra completely showing that threw me. And the bra was seriously bedazzled. It was hideous.
  • How is it almost 90 out in October? Horrible.
  • I hate movers. I understand that sometimes it is necessary to block an alley. Fine (although in my case, said "alley" is actually a street with a parking lot on the end. With enough room to squeeze a truck to one side...but I digress). Fine, block the alley. But when a car owner who pays to park in the alley needs to leave, don't be a gigantic ASS HOLE about moving the truck. I know you're just "doing your job", but you don't have to make me sit and wait while you move a couch from the truck to the apartment and then back (presumably because it didn't fit in the door). Put the couch down and move the truck.
  • My new canvas grocery bags kick ass. The bonuses of these bags enumerated
    1. Long straps for fit over the shoulder ease
    2. Large insides to fit lots of groceries, therefore limiting the number of actual bags you need to wrangle. This also leads to the illusion that your groceries are somehow lighter
    3. Saving the environment!

    4. I advise all of you to purchase some. These are the bags I own.
  • I plan to vacuum at some point this weekend and I can't wait. Isn't that lame?

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