Sunday, June 03, 2007

Metadata monotony...

I'm bored out of my mind. I have 1 and a half assignments left...and that half an assignment is bumming me out (the other one should go pretty quickly - it's really a shared assignment with my group member). Basically I'm writing a paper explaining metadata/folksonomies to common people (you know, all of you). I hate writing papers (which I have probably stated before). But if you want to know what metadata/a folksonomy is...let me know. I'll let you read my crap paper when it's done.

To break up the monotony I accidentally bought a whole lot of yarn online (it was on clearance!). I'm hoping to make a million pairs of socks (watch out - you too, will be getting socks for Christmas...).

I haven't really been allowing myself to do anything fun the last few days (besides that little bit of online shopping)...and it has worked out. But I'm so tired of school...

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  1. ugh, well, good job to you, you are almost done. i feel your pain. i have been not quite as disciplined as you this weekend, and still have quite a bit left to do - one assignment really does feel like it is DRAINING my soul - but take heart, we both shall prevail, and soon, we can each loaf to our heart's content.

    i finally got comments back from my prof on friday night; they were helpful but anything you wait five weeks for is kind of a let down, i think, unless it is on the level of HP7 or something. :)

    so, that just leaves somewhere between five and ten task flows, depending on how scrupulous I am, a crapload of adjusted wireframes; one usability study write-up paper, and five bright-and-shiny css-laden pages to make up my new web site.

    i haven't been letting myself work on the css and whatnot until i get more of the other done, because i actually enjoy those, and i think the only way to finish the other is to make it conditional.

    good luck!!

    back to the grind ...