Monday, June 25, 2007

Keep me honest...

This may be a long post...

I hope you all had a good weekend...I've started this Monday with some happiness and the formulation of some plans. How about we start with the happiness?
  • Fun mail day! Yay for having some friendly snail mail again (Al, I'm going to try!). I also received (I'd love to lead you on that someone sent it to me - but I bought it - it just went through the mail really, really slowly which led me to believe it might be lost. Blame it on Chicago because the postmark is about 13 days ago) this:The color is a little off because I had to take the picture without flash to avoid glare, but it's pretty fun, huh? I should have probably given it to my Mom and giggled (there's a whole Mom/owl joke in my family)...but I want it. So too bad Mom. It was super cheap too, without shipping it cost me a total of $5. I'm going to buy a frame and plunk that thing on my wall and, voila, art! The only thing I worry about is that the "red" is really, really deep and rusty. But, it'll still fit in around here. If you're curious about the artist - hit etsy here.
  • I'm having Indian for dinner because it sounds so good.
  • I actually finished a project today at work. One down, 1,000,000 to go.
Moving on to plans:
  • I realized today that I have to have a website up and running by the end of this summer. While that website doesn't have to have a blog, it has to have an area for my past projects. It basically has to just be a resume boost at first - a site to send people to that I designed (emphasis on I) that contains a bunch of "coding" samples or links to any work I've done on live sites. It's just a must. So, starting next Monday, every night after work I'm going to spend some time on website work.
  • I don't want to start spending all my time on a computer if this apartment is still a dump. So, during the week this week I'm going to amass all the necessary supplies and then Saturday is the day. On Saturday this place will be completely clean - tidied and scrubbed. There are no IFs or BUTs.
  • I have the following knitting planned that I sort of want finished by tomorrow but will probably have to wait weeks for (since my time seems to be leaking away):
    • Fingerless gloves for work - it is SO COLD there
    • A pair of knitted socks for the same reason (since i prefer to walk to work in sandals)
Hope I didn't bore you too much - but I need to type up the plans sometimes just to keep me honest - if you all know my apartment will be spotless on Sunday, then maybe I have a better chance of actually sticking to that promise...

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  1. that owl thing is AWESOME. just had to say it. I'll try to keep the mail coming too....