Friday, February 02, 2007,

which is more important: the respect of your children or your parents?

I could see how this would be interesting if you were mom or dad (hey parent with the blog - you should go for it!). But since I don't have kids, and don't have any plans to ever have kids, there is only a one-way answer here.

I think this one is tricky...because if you don't respect your children or parents, why would you want their respect? And I am in no way speaking of myself...but it's easy to see how if your mom or dad wouldn't be all that important to have their respect.

I'm still committed to the red hot box...but maybe I need the "Girls Night Out" edition (it exists). Then I can do hot pink box of questions...(because of course the girls edition would be pink cards). So I'll put it on my wish list and hope that either of the parents decide to buy me presents for their birthdays (um, yeah. Not going to happen). Maybe Valentine's Day? Or...maybe we'll have to wait until Easter. Or until November for my birthday....

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