Saturday, November 26, 2005

And I'm off...

Thanksgiving is over. I know many people end up having drama on Thanksgiving, and this year we were, thankfully, drama-free. It was really nice. Had brunch with the Pooj (delicious) and played some Scene it, watched a movie and were late for Mom's meal (almost missed hors d'oeuvres - not terribly late). Delicious dinner (although the carver was possibly the slowest really, I've never seen a bird picked so clean before someone even got to the white meat). The grandpa, like usual, spent all of dinner making the same joke ("the food is terrible, just terrible"). And then cousins came for dessert. All in all, really nice.

I've made plans for many of my free days, although a lot of them are still happily empty. I was going to go start the Christmas shopping on Armitage tomorrow, but I fell flat on my face/knee carrying some groceries in my apartment (I should really keep my embarrassment to myself, shouldn't I?) and now my knee is all swolleny and sore. Don't know if I can handle all the walking. Not sure how I'll occupy all my time if I can't walk all over the place.

I still feel like I'll have to go to work on Monday although today feels like Sunday. Next week should be interesting.

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