Thursday, May 19, 2005

Home again...

Feels wonderful to be home. Trip was not nearly as scary as I had expected. Everyone was really nice and kind of in the same boat. The weirdest part is that I ended up knowing someone there. I mean, I didn't really know her but we had emailed and talked before in the course of business. So now I have my first insurance contact. She promised to send me applications as soon as I'm an underwriter....ha ha ha, take that underwriter that I assist!

On the way from the airport we listened to XM Satellite radio. I chose the "90's" station and quite enjoyed myself. I used to love that crappy dance-y pop music. I heard one of my "high school dance" favorites: Mr. Vain. Oh high school dances. How innocently we danced. I love to dance, but has anyone noticed that dancing at bars/clubs is like an invitation for nasty boys to grind their hard-on into your ass? Sorry, too much? I just wish there was somewhere to go where it would be hands-off dancing. Besides a wedding.

My cats don't remember me. Ok, that's a lie. But Mona was definitely hesitant. Boku actually came out right away to say hello and I almost touched her head. Then she ran for her life.

I have no noticeable color. I thought I was burning more than once, but it turns out I was red from the heat (SO HOT). No color.

Scott, one of my bloggy bloggertons over yonder, says that he doesn't like when blogs are all about "me me me." I see the point, but cannot avoid writing about me. Narcissistic?

Ok. Couch + me = hooray!


  1. Yes, but I still check back often to see what you've posted. I guess I just can't imagine anyone wanting to read my, "me me me." On the other hand, your, "me me me," is quite interesting, and I check back often. So take that with however many grains of salt you wish.

  2. Did you know they are shooting a Jennifer Aniston movie at Fullerton and Cambridge right now?? Its right by you. Thought you should know.