Saturday, May 14, 2005

Ah well...

Today I had lots of family in the city to go to a nature museum. I quite enjoyed myself except for the dreaded air conditioner. I am doomed to sweat through the summer. I have a fairly pungent personal odor when I get hot (i must be really enticing now, huh?) and I'm not excited about that.

I'm a little nervous about this business trip. One because I'm not the best flier, I tend to expect the plane to crash. Two because I can get a little awkward in social situations where I don't know anyone. But at least I should be able to spend some time lolling around on a lounger reading crappy romance novels. On Monday it's supposed to be 95. Maybe I'll be in my air conditioned hotel room after all.

On the cat front, Boku had a major victory today by coming out from hiding in front of all of my visitors. She does exist! And she is not evil looking, merely of darker coloring than Mona...

Lots to do tomorrow...laundry, packing etc. I may not blog for quite a few days (unless something exciting happens tomorrow) so ta-ta!

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